32 or 64 bit on DELL INSPIRON celeron

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These machines aren't shipping w/ 64 bit Ubuntu due to the lack of a few native "nice things" like flash.  

Whatever you decide to do, please be sure to burn the recovery ISO for your Ubuntu preload before starting.  In the event that you aren't happy or can't get your 64-bit working, it will allow you to have all of the factory benefits, quirks, and workarounds easily recoverable.
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I'm surprised : I've bought a dell inspiron 1525 (celeron version) with only ubuntu.
The kernel installed originally is based on 32 BIT however the processor supported 64 BIT (I have look on Intel site, Celeron 540).
Do you know the reason of this choice of configuration ?
This week I'll install a debian etch, I'll test with amd64, what do you think about this ?

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