32 or 64 bit on DELL INSPIRON celeron

Damon L. Chesser damon at damtek.com
Sat Apr 5 10:05:22 CDT 2008

Oops, sent this to the wrong list by mistake.  Re-sending it to keep the 
thread (to the correct list).

Boris Epstein wrote:
> 64-bit Java for Linux is not quit ethere yet, so if you intend to use 
> the machien as a workstation - which most likely you do - running 
> 32-bit Linux probably makes more sense at the moment.


I do not know about 64-bit Java for Linux being not quite there.  I am
running sun-java6-bin 6-05-1 per dpkg -l .  No issues seen by me.  I do
not code in java so I can't speak to that.  If you install debain amd64,
it also installs ia32libs with will allow you to run some (most?) 32bit
programs as well, with out a chroot.  AFAIK, you could install 32bit
java just fine (you will have to use dpkg -i --force-architecture
packagenamefor32bitjava.deb (see dpkg --force-help).  Again, I run a
64bit OS, sometimes debian Sid, sometimes Ubuntu (as the mode strikes
me, I re-install) and have been for quite a long time.  It works.

Flash is the only application I see issues with.  npviewer.bin gets
stuck and new flash video will not play until you kill that process (I
run non-free flash from Adobe).  OO, FF (with all the webthingies)
totem-xine (with all the codex) and Sun Java JRE6.  I don't know if
npviewer.bin would get stuck on a 32bit machine.  I have not had one in
a long time.

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