32 or 64 bit on DELL INSPIRON celeron

Biot Cyrille biot.cyrille at wanadoo.fr
Sat Apr 5 09:21:49 CDT 2008

OK thanx;
When I'll install DEBIAN I'll try with a 64 BIT, I'll see, but I think that's today there's a lot of applications for 64BIT
There're 3 weeks, I've installed  a amd64 kernel on a XPS and there was no problems.
I think if the processor support 64 BIT, we must install 64 version to have the more stable system (architecture 64BIT need a 64  kernel as possible)

cheers, Cyrille

On Sat, 05 Apr 2008 22:46:21 +0900
Raymond Wan <rwan at kuicr.kyoto-u.ac.jp> wrote:

> Hi Sven/Cyrille,
> Sven Boden wrote:
> > I also run 32bit (K)ubuntu on a Dell with AMD64 chip (using the o
> > original Kubuntu release, not the Dell remix). I tried the 64 bit 
> > version as well and the 32 bit version seems to be more stable than 
> > the 64bit also on a 64bit capable chip (more people use the 32bit than 
> > the 64 bit probably, so 32bit would be better tested in the wild).
> >
> > If you run the 32bit version with 1 or 2Gb you won't lose memory, if 
> > you run 4Gb you will loose a little bit of usable memory.
> Ah, right...I had forgotten something -- thanks Sven.
> At least on Debian (not sure about Ubuntu), the 64-bit  version is 
> missing some things that the 32-bit version had.  Just over a year ago, 
> I think the 64-bit version of Debian was missing OpenOffice, but that 
> has since been rectified.  Now, the only thing that bothers me is that 
> Debian Etch 64-bit doesn't seem to have Flash...so I can't view any of 
> those flash-enabled web pages.  I believe to get it, you need to go to 
> etch-backports.  I haven't bothered looking so I don't know what the 
> current situation is.
> Aside, but I was running Win XP 64-bit once and needed to install 
> drivers for a printer.  Downloaded it from the 
> manufacturer...self-executable...great!  Yup!  It was a 32-bit 
> executable.  Luckily, it is just an archive, and I can run Winzip to 
> open it...but yes, the world hasn't moved to 64-bit yet so you will get 
> some annoyances but I hope they won't last as more and more 64-bit 
> machines are released.
> Ray
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