32 or 64 bit on DELL INSPIRON celeron

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> Hi Cyrille,
> Biot Cyrille wrote:
> > This week I'll install a debian etch, I'll test with amd64, what do you think about this ?
> >   
> I'm not 100% sure as I did this a long time ago with Debian, but I think 
> if you boot the AMD64 version in a 32-bit machine, it will fail and tell 
> you that the architecture is different.  You can install 32-bit on a 
> 64-bit machine, and no, I don't know why your Dell machine came that way. 
> My point is, I think you won't have anything to lose for trying AMD64 of 
> Debian...it will not allow you to complete the install, so [as far as I 
> can tell], you won't do harm to your machine and it won't go as far as 
> erasing your Ubuntu.
> Someone correct me if I am wrong...
> Ray

I also run 32bit (K)ubuntu on a Dell with AMD64 chip (using the
original Kubuntu release, not the Dell remix). I tried the 64 bit version as
well and the 32 bit version seems to be more stable than the 64bit also
on a 64bit capable chip (more people use the 32bit than the 64 bit
probably, so 32bit would be better tested in the wild). 

If you run the 32bit version with 1 or 2Gb you won't lose memory, if you run 4Gb you will loose a little bit of usable memory.



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