Dell Optiplex 755's with Ubuntu 7.10 (QUad Core Systems)

Raymond Wan rwan at
Fri Apr 4 08:52:32 CDT 2008

Hi Ryan,

Good to hear that you fixed your problem and didn't have to re-install!

Ryan West wrote:
> I'm wondering if that alone tells anything to any of you guys or dell 
> reps here about coding or functionality of this soundcard with this 
> linux kernel?  Just confused why gnome-alsa-mixer showed a new volume 
> control that cured the issue(near zero volume)--> Mono

This doesn't seem to be either a Dell or an Ubuntu problem, but (IMHO) a 
Linux problem.  Though I love Linux, one thing that Windows gets right 
is that things usually work right out of the box.  Linux, and this is my 
personal opinion, has settings all over the place.

For example, I use Debian and am in Japan where the paper standard is 
A4.  One would think that setting the value in /etc/papersize or in the 
printer settings would do it, but some programs require to make the 
change from lettersize paper within the program.  Somewhat difficult to 
get use to.

Sorry for going off-topic, but I don't think this is a problem limited 
to "this soundcard with this linux kernel".  I think it is quite common, 
but each version of a Linux distribution (regardless of whether it is 
Ubuntu, RH, Debian, etc.) gets better and better at it.  I look forward 
to the day when a Linux install takes less than half-a-day.  :-)


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