Dell Optiplex 755's with Ubuntu 7.10 (QUad Core Systems)

Raymond Wan rwan at
Thu Apr 3 23:40:17 CDT 2008

Hi Ryan,

Ryan West wrote:
> We have about 4 of them in house, and are debating whether to roll out 
> to 100+ people or not.  However, everything is working fine w/ these 
> systems except one component.....Sound.
> I have been trying for 3 weeks to get soundworking with:

A long shot, but does the user have permissions to hear sound?  Can you 
hear sound if you log in as the root user?  Have you tried both MP3 [or 
some file] sound and CD sound (the former requires decoders to be 
installed; the latter of which requires permissions to use the CD).  At 
some stage, all of these things have stumped me before in Linux...


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