Regressions in Hardy on a xps m1330

James Hall james_f_hall at
Thu Apr 3 18:44:44 CDT 2008

I have seen same on my 1330 running Hardy x64 as well.

I am hoping the Dell remastered release will have many of these issues resolved.

On Apr 3, 2008, at 17:16, Guido Conaldi <guido.conaldi at> wrote:

Hi all,

I am running Ubuntu Hardy 64bit on my xps m1330 in order to help finding
and reporting bugs. At the moment I am experiencing a few regressions
comparing with Gutsy that seems to be somehow 'hardware-related'. My
bios version was already A09 with Gutsy and I did not upgrade to Hardy,
I did a clean install. In particular:

-Brightness Fn keys do not behave correctly, and since the latest
updates the issue got worse. Now every time either Fn+Up or Fn-Down is
pressed the brightness is changed by 4 levels. Stopping
gnome-power-manager makes the Fn keys working correctly.

- Gnome-power-manager is not able to reduce brightness when on battery
nor to dim the screen when idle correctly. Furthermore, when
gnome-power-manager is allowed to control brightness it seems to change
the default brightness levels stored in bios. At the moment I have to
disable gnome-power-manager brightness control capabilities altogether.

- Fan activity has increased drastically with the new kernel. Once the
fan kicks in (my t9300 starts from cold boot at 29°), at around 40°C it
basically goes on at low speed forever. I know about the interrupts
rescheduling issue of the new kernel, but disabling in bios one of the
cores did not workaround this specific issue on my machine.

- If the volume levels are above ~50% a loud beep can be heard every
time the laptop is unplugged from AC.

- Straight after grub menu and before upsplash starts flickering
greenish dell logos are briefly shown.

I filed or commented bugs on lunchpad for all the issues I found, but I
did not get much/any feedback. Since Hardy development will soon be
over, I thought to write here to see if these issue are common/known or
maybe unheard of and unique to my machine. I hope I chose the right

thanks in advance for any help,

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