trying to get microphone work on dell latitude d820 runningubuntu 7.10, also yahoo mail

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Wed Apr 2 12:09:15 CDT 2008


For Ubuntu 7.10 there was an additional linux-backports-modules package
that enabled support for some of these devices that were caught after
7.10 went gold.  For systems that were "shipped" out of the factory, it
is applied automatically.  For systems that you are adding onto, you
will need to manually install it.  

The D820 wasn't shipped with Ubuntu, but the fixes that went in for the
Inspiron 1420 and 1525 should be applicable here.  Also, these fixes are
in mainline now for 8.04.


On Mon, 2008-03-31 at 17:26 -0700, David W. White wrote:
> Hi all.
> I bought my Dell Latitude D820 laptop with Win XP but upgraded soon
> after to boot Vista and Ubuntu 7.10 dual boot. All the devices work ok
> in Win Vista, but I have some challenges in Linux (which is why I
> still need to dual boot).
> The two problems I have right now are with the microphone and with
> Firefox/Yahoo.
> mic
> With Vista, I can both play and record sound, and both the speech
> recognition and narrator work ok. I use both of these regularly. With
> Linux, the playback is ok, but I'm not seeing the microphone. Running
> f2/setup at boot time shows that the audio controller is a Sigmatel
> 9200. I guess I'm looking for the debian driver for this controller
> then to make the mic work in Ubuntu. I go to system, preferences,
> sound, devices tab and all the devices for sound playback (set to
> autodetect) test ok, but not the one for sound capture which says alsa
> - advanced linux sound architecture. Can anyone provide any insight on
> how to fix this, and just out of curiosity - where exactly is the mic
> on the laptop (I can see the speakers clearly on either side of the
> keyboard, but though I know the mic is there because it works in
> windows, I dont know where it is physically. I called Dell re the
> driver, but support couldnt help me and I get a reference to this
> mailing list. 
> Yahoo on Firefox
> I browse fine in firefox, even bring up yahoo, but not yahoo
> mail. I wrote yahoo who said the problem must be with firefox since I
> can access my mail with IE on vista or on my desktop. When I go to
> yahoo mail, I keep getting a timeout from the yahoo mail server.
> Anyone had this problem and can you tell how it was corrected?
> Thanks
> David
> New to Ubuntu, but loving it more and more
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