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Wed Apr 2 11:53:51 CDT 2008

Hi Biot Cyrille,
  I'm new to Ubuntu and have a Dell myself, but here's what I have figured so far. Ubuntu is based on debian, like knoppix etc. in other words its the core, and then a few things are added on. What also makes a difference is the type of desktop you are running, e.g. KDE (default in Kubuntu and Knoppix), GNOME (default in Ubuntu), XFE, and so on. You can switch between desktops without reinstalling the entire system.
  Re the partitions, you can always erase them but they take up such a small space I left them just in case I need a file or too from it or I need to run a dell diagnostic etc.
  I dont know about the ISO you listed, but I think you should be able to reinstall the entire system from it. Did you get a dell CD as well? (I got one with the windows drivers and some utilities). At any rate, a new stable version of ubuntu is set to be rellseased in a few days time, so you might want to upgrade and give that a try.

Biot Cyrille <biot.cyrille at> wrote:
I've bought sometimes ago a Linux laptop dell with ubuntu
Well, all works fine,
but i'll prefer debian than ubuntu and I'd like to install a debian system.
But I see there're several partitions on my disk. The /dev/sda1 seems specifying to DELL utility (?), I think I can erased it without problem.
The /dev/sda2 seems to be a rescue part, I can erased it too, isn't it ?
The /dev/sda3 seems to be the root linux part of Ubuntu,
and the 4th part seems to be the swap, but I don't understand why the part is built on a extended part ???
Can I really reformated /dev/sda1 /dev/sda2 ?
If one day I 'll reinstall dell system, can I download this ISO ?
Will it make the same thing than a rescue with the originally /dev/sda2 system ?

What do you think about that

(sorry for my english but I'm a french user)

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