Reisntall ubuntu insprion 1525

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You should have a copy of the recovery DVD on your system that is customized to your system. I would recommend burning this to DVD and saving it.

Yes, you can remove /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2. I would recommend saving /dev/sda1, though, as this has important diagnostics that support will likely want you to run if you ever have a problem with your machine.

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I've bought sometimes ago a Linux laptop dell with ubuntu
Well, all works fine,
but i'll prefer debian than ubuntu and I'd like to install a debian system.
But I see there're several partitions on my disk. The /dev/sda1 seems specifying to DELL utility (?), I think I can erased it without problem.
The /dev/sda2 seems to be a rescue part, I can erased it too, isn't it ?
The /dev/sda3 seems to be the root linux part of Ubuntu,
and the 4th part seems to  be the swap, but I don't understand why the part is built on a extended part ???
Can I really reformated /dev/sda1 /dev/sda2 ?
If one day I 'll reinstall dell system, can I download this ISO ?
Will it make the same thing than a rescue with the originally /dev/sda2 system ?

What do you think about that

(sorry for my english but I'm a french user)

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