Inspiron 530 with other distros

Jay Hutfles jayhutfles at
Tue Nov 20 22:46:35 CST 2007

Hey everyone,

I have an Inspiron 530, which originally came with Vista.  I want to
load KnoppMyth on it as I have a linux only hd tuner card, but I can't
get the KnoppMyth live/install cd to run.  In fact, I can't get any
distro other than Ubuntu to run.  Whether using a live cd (Knoppix,
Knoppmyth) or the install cd (Debian 40r0, Fedora) they all stop about
the time it's looking for the hard drive.  The system doesn't have any
ATA or Ultra ATA ports, just SATA.  Ubunbu finds the drives just fine,
but the rest don't.  Is there something Ubuntu is doing differently
that lets it find the SATA drives?  The only options in the BIOS for
drive options are RAID or IDE, and it's set to IDE.

If all of the Debian-based systems worked, I'd be less confused by
this.  I can provide more info on what devices Ubuntu finds, etc...
but I just thought I'd see if anyone had an idea off the top of their
heads...  Thanks in advance!

Jay Hutfles
jayhutfles at

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