Dell 1420n and Load_Cycle_Count

Thomas Gederberg tgederberg at
Mon Nov 19 13:15:35 CST 2007

Why would my numbers be any higher than other 1420n users?  If this is a known issue with this system, it seems like Dell should issue instructions on how to correct it.

Antoine Cailliau <antoinecailliau at> wrote: It is too big ;)

You have to check params of hdparm. Try values as 255 or 254.
(See in acpi folder, hdparm.conf, etc...)

On Mon, 2007-11-19 at 10:23 -0800, Thomas Gederberg wrote:
> I have a Dell 1420n with Ubuntu 1420n (had it about 2 months).
> Overall, I am very satisfied with it.  However,  I have been reading
> about issues with Ubuntu and notebook hard drives.  From what I've
> read, most hard drives have a spec limit of about 600,000 Load Cycles.
> I just started monitoring the Load_Cycle_Count on my 1420n and it is
> increasing rapidly - somewhere around 300-600 per day.  Is this
> unusual - or is this to be expected.
> Thanks
Antoine Cailliau

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