Kubuntu Gutsy Inspiron E1505 laptop Fn+UpArrow doesn't change brightness

Larry larry at foxgulch.com
Mon Nov 12 11:24:25 CST 2007

Larry wrote:
> Using KDE,   Fn+cursorPad UpArrow or Fn+DownArrow (bottom right of 
> keyboard) doesn't change the brightness of the display.  Fn+UP/DOWN 
> does change the display brightness in Fedora 8  (surprise!) and in 
> Vista (no surprise).
> When the brightness combination is pressed with  lshal -m  running,  I 
> show
> Start monitoring devicelist:
> -------------------------------------------------
> 11:50:34.085: platform_i8042_i8042_KBD_port_logicaldev_input condition 
> ButtonPressed = brightness-up
> 11:50:34.107: platform_i8042_i8042_KBD_port_logicaldev_input condition 
> ButtonPressed = brightness-up
> 11:50:40.181: platform_i8042_i8042_KBD_port_logicaldev_input condition 
> ButtonPressed = brightness-down
> 11:50:40.205: platform_i8042_i8042_KBD_port_logicaldev_input condition 
> ButtonPressed = brightness-down
> xev  shows (in part)
> KeyPress event, serial 31, synthetic NO, window 0x3600001,
>     root 0x10e, subw 0x0, time 807292635, (-352,957), root:(357,981),
>     state 0x0, keycode 101 (keysym 0x0, NoSymbol), same_screen YES,
>     XLookupString gives 0 bytes:
>     XmbLookupString gives 0 bytes:
>     XFilterEvent returns: False
> Any ideas?
> Thank you,
> Larry
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Apparently the Fn+"UpArrow-Brightness"  is supposed to run this script:

and the down button  should run

/I found this out accidentally by running Method 3 as shown on

After I exited from running Method 3,   Fn+Up or Fn+Down now control lcd 
brightness as they should. You see a small window with a bar indicating 
the LCD brightness with each press of the Fn Up/Down.  I'm guessing that 
once I reboot,  I'll lose that functionality.

Also there is supposed to be a gnome applet that controls LCD 
brightness.   I looked in the available packages for it but didn't see 
it.    I'm using KDE and so far I haven't found a corresponding applet.


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