XPS M2010 Bluetooth and Sound

Stefan Held obi at unixkiste.org
Fri Nov 9 03:17:27 CST 2007

Hi Guys,

i installed Fedora 8 on my XPSM2010 in Hope that this will fix my Sound
and Bluetooth Issues with RHEL5/5.1 on my Maschine.

But guess what, it still seems that there are no good news on behalf of
this. Would it be possible to deliver the pin settings of the STC9221 A1
Chip (snd-hda-intel) for the XPSM2010 to the Alsa Guys so that they can
fix the Driver?

I have a fine working soundcard with nice 8 Speakers and a Great
Subwoofer but, uhhhh. I have to use a Headphone to listen to Music on
this Machine.

The Same goes for Bluetooth Support, I think this is a Standard
Bluetooth USB Card which will work if the Kernel knows how to activate
it through acpi. 

Could this Info also please be forwarded to the Correct Mailing List so
that a developer can fix this issue? Imho there is a Toshiba_ACPI Module
which does the same task but i could not figure out how to rewrite it.
(Lack of Documentation)

Thanks for your Replies.


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