SUSE 10.3 + Optiplex 320 : Will it boot? Any progress on GRUB/BIOS problems?

William Fawley f90lover at
Mon Nov 5 11:20:42 CST 2007

I like many others have not been able to boot SUSE 10.2 with GRUB (legacy)
on an Optiplex 320  (see, e.g.,
and liks therein).  Workarounds (at least as of early summer 2007) include
replacing GRUB by LILO and (possibly) using GRUB-2.  One can also boot an
installed system using the CDROM disks.  The problem with GRUB legacy
apparently stems from issues with the BIOS (but I am no expert on this!).
Other distributions have also had this type of difficulty.

Open SUSE has now released  version 10.3 in the last month or so.  I am
wondering anyone can comment as to whether if there has been any progress in
terms of "bootability" of an Optiplex 320 with this new verson?  I also
wonder if Dell is ever going to spend any effort trying to track own what
exactly is the problem with 320 in terms of not working with GRUB legacy
(maybe they have but I am unaware of any information from Dell on such).

Many thanks.
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