XPS 410 failing to soft/warm reboot.

Matthew A. R. Sherian mars at photosphere.net
Fri Nov 2 03:10:44 CDT 2007

Already there :)

On Thu, 2007-11-01 at 10:27 -0500, Michael_E_Brown at Dell.com wrote:

> Try adding "reboot=b" as a kernel commandline parameter.
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> Michael
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> Subject: XPS 410 failing to soft/warm reboot.
> I have been trying to update my BIOS, and kept running into a situation
> where my Fedora install goes through the entire shutdown process up to
> "Restarting System". I thought the BIOS update was the culprit, so I
> tried booting into single-user mode and immediately invoking init 6.
> This resulted in the same situation.  Are there any known issues with
> linux and the XPS410? That would prevent the system from
> reboot/halting normally.

<cj> no!  problems in M$ software?
<cj> "Thoroughly bugtested"
* Dabb grins.
<LordHavoc> rewrite that as 'Thoroughly buginfested'
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