Load_Cycle_Count around 200, 000 in Inspiron 1505 I bought in June.

Jaroslaw Gorny jaroslav at aster.pl
Thu Nov 1 13:18:43 CDT 2007

Thursday 01 of November 2007 18:52:57 Rui Tiago Matos napisał(a):
> On 11/1/07, Jaroslaw Gorny <jaroslav at aster.pl> wrote:
> > I use Fedora now, but for the first 6-7 weeks I've been using Ubuntu. I
> > wonder if my load cycle count growth was constant for that whole period?
> > Or maybe now it is smaller and this relatively big number is a Ubuntu's
> > fault?
> AFAIK neither ubuntu nor fedora, by default, touch the parameters on
> the disk that control this behavior. They just leave the BIOS or drive
> firmware default value there.

So the fact that now load_cycle_count is smaller can be due to BIOS upgrade, I 
guess... I've upgraded BIOS at least 4 times since I've bought this machine.


Jaroslaw Gorny

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