Load_Cycle_Count around 200, 000 in Inspiron 1505 I bought in June.

Jaroslaw Gorny jaroslav at aster.pl
Thu Nov 1 12:40:58 CDT 2007


Wednesday 31 of October 2007 22:25:43 Mikael Nilsson napisał(a):
> As a data point, I'm NOT seeing this with my XPS M1710 laptop, with a
> new Hitachi Travelstar 7k200 (HTS722020K9SA00).
> After a few days of usage, the count is 139, and I can't see it
> increasing during use.
My 1.5 year old Inspiron E1505 shows ~58k. So, according to this my hdd should 
survive at least 15 years ;)
Seriously speaking, 58.000 / 500 days = 116 per day
If You have 139 after couple of days, Your count is definitely smaller.
I use Fedora now, but for the first 6-7 weeks I've been using Ubuntu. I wonder 
if my load cycle count growth was constant for that whole period? Or maybe 
now it is smaller and this relatively big number is a Ubuntu's fault?

I'll check load cycle count every day for couple of days and see what's going 


Jaroslaw Gorny

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