XPS 410 failing to soft/warm reboot.

Matt Richards mrichards at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 10:33:39 CDT 2007

Hello folks,

I experienced the same issue with my XPS 410n.. I added the commandline
paramter in my grub however my impression was that this was to be fixed in
newer kernel versions? I'm now running Ubuntu 7.10, and the issue still
remains, was this a miss-read on my part?

On 11/1/07, Michael_E_Brown at dell.com <Michael_E_Brown at dell.com> wrote:
> Try adding "reboot=b" as a kernel commandline parameter.
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> Michael
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> I have been trying to update my BIOS, and kept running into a situation
> where my Fedora install goes through the entire shutdown process up to
> "Restarting System". I thought the BIOS update was the culprit, so I
> tried booting into single-user mode and immediately invoking init 6.
> This resulted in the same situation.  Are there any known issues with
> linux and the XPS410? That would prevent the system from
> reboot/halting normally.
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