Redhat enteprise linux in a Dimension E520

Paulo Eduardo Neves neves at
Thu Jan 11 12:54:07 CST 2007

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>> I'm failing  to install CentOs 3 (the comunity version of RHEL3) in a
>> new Dell Dimension E520. Can anyone here help me?

>Is there a reason that you must install CentOS 3 instead of 4?

Yes. We certify our system in CentOS 3. I must develop in this version.

> don't ask me how you get that driver onto a CentOS 3 system during the
> install, especially if the DVD drive isn't recognised - some sort of
> external USB flash or hard drive maybe?

I've tried with a pen drive, but the install program doesn't try to read
drivers from a usb drive. I've finally installed a floppy drive in the
Dell, but after suffering to find a working floppy disk, I've just
discovered that I don't really have the sata drivers for the E520. Can
anyone here help me to find the correct driver? I can even compile it if
you point me to the source.

I'm not the only one with this problem:

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