Redhat enteprise linux in a Dimension E520

Richard Lloyd richard.lloyd at
Thu Jan 11 09:07:32 CST 2007

> I'm failing  to install CentOs 3 (the comunity version of RHEL3) in a
> new Dell Dimension E520. Can anyone here help me?

Although CentOS 3 is still receiving patches, these tend to only be
for security fixes and serious bug fixes and not, for example, addition
of support for relatively new hardware.

Typically, you'd install the current CentOS (version 4) on any new
desktop you've acquired, simply because it will have more hardware support
than the previous release. Is there a reason that you must install
CentOS 3 instead of 4? For servers, I know I have to use CentOS 4
(and a recent 4.3 or 4.4 version at that) because Dell's PowerEdge's
have new SAS RAID controllers that only recently got CentOS 4 support
(by way of RHEL 4 of course) and no support for them in CentOS 3.

As an experiment (even if you don't intend to use it later on), I would
recommend downloading and trying to install CentOS 4, just to see if
the SATA DVD drive problem "goes away" (if it does, then you'll know
that it's probably a driver issue on the CentOS 3 install DVD (don't
ask me how you get that driver onto a CentOS 3 system during the install,
especially if the DVD drive isn't recognised - some sort of external USB
flash or hard drive maybe?).

On a side note here, RHEL 5 is scheduled for release on 27th Feb (hmmm...
will Red Hat and Dell ensure that it works on these troublesome latest
Dimnenisons or are they just going to cross their fingers and hope it does?)
and CentOS 5 will follow a few months later - perhaps not arriving
quick enough to solve your problem in a timely fashion, but if CentOS 4
doesn't work either, then CentOS 5 might.

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