Dimension E521

Matt Wette matt.wette at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 10 08:04:54 CST 2007

Felix Schwarz wrote:
> Hi,
> Brian Knotts schrieb:
>> The primary outstanding issue I have is with audio. I have been unable to get 
>> that to work. alsaconf detects the device, but is unable to propery configure 
>> it. I'm not sure if this is a 64-bit issue or a general alsa issue with this 
>> particular device.
>> Does anyone have sound working with one of these machines?
> Sound is working for me on Fedora Core 6 (x86_64) with kernel 
> 2.6.18-1.2857.4.2.fc6.0.2.sctxen. However, alsaconf does not work for me either. Sound is 
> always muted after startup but I can increase the volume in Gnome easily. After that, 
> sound works.

I get this problem on my Dell C521 running FC6.  If you look in
/etc/init.d/halt you will see that "altsactl store" is called.
This command always fails.  I have heard that many sound issues
are fixed in the new version of alsactl (1.0.13 vs 1.0.12).


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