Optiplex 740 or 745 and RHEL3 ?

Pierre Bourgin pierre.bourgin at arteris.com
Tue Jan 9 22:29:45 CST 2007

Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
> On 1/8/07, Pierre Bourgin <pierre.bourgin at arteris.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Since Optiplex GX620 are not sell anymore, I plan to buy a new model of
>> Optiplex: 740 or 745.
> I have installed Fedora Core 6 on the 745. I do not think that
> RHEL-3.8 will install on the 745 due to the newer hardware, and RHEL-3
> reaching end of hardware-updates. Hardware that was on the market
> before May of 2006 should be installable with RHEL-3.8


and thanks for you reply ...  awfull details :(

I probably have to buy a precision 390 instead, since it's supported 
(and certified) with RHEL3 (except audio, see linux-precision mailing-list).

Pierre Bourgin

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