SUMMARY: RHEL4U4 on the Dell XPS 210?

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Wed Jan 10 03:40:20 CST 2007

On Thu, 4 Jan 2007, vincent at wrote:

In short: it works out of the box, with minimal trouble. :)

In greater depth: RHEL4 U4 installed out of the box in AHCI mode with the 
default onboard Intel graphics card. The only device that wasn't 
recognized was the onboard intel ethernet adapter. I went to, downloaded e1000-7.3.20.tar.gz, typed 'make 
install' and then 'service network restart' and the network came up. 
That's quite a nice machine.. :)

On the other side of the hard drive, I've been through much trouble trying 
to get XP loaded on this box for dual-boot purposes. The system came with 
the french XP/SP2 CD, which I didn't want (I didn't know I could change my 
order to get the US-English XPSP2 CD for the XPS 210) so I tried my 2005 
XP SP2 US-English reinstallation CD but it didn't have the ICH8 (SATA) 
drivers... Dell (France) wants to sell ($$$) me a brand new license of 
XP/SP2 just to get an US-English XP/SP2 reinstallation CD. Would some kind 
soul with an XPS 210/Dimension 9100C and on this list want to sell me a 
copy of their XP/SP2 CD? (I'll re-use my French Windows Serial and pay for 
shipping, I just need the media) *Sigh* (Pleaese don't flame me, I know 
this is a Linux list). :)

Best regards from France,


> Hello everyone,
> Does anyone know if RHEL4U4 will install on the Dell XPS 210 (a Dimension 
> 9200c system). Are there any gotchas? Will the SATA HD's and DVD will be 
> recognized for installation?
> Regards,
> Vincent

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