Dimension E521

Brian Knotts bknotts at cascadeaccess.com
Tue Jan 9 14:16:35 CST 2007

I was able to successfully install Debian sid amd64 on this machine, by using 
the following kernel arguments:

noapic apci=off nofb

Prior to that, the Debian installer was unable to detect the hard drive.

The next challenge was getting the proper resolution for the E207WFB display.

I was able to get that working by switching to sid (I was originally trying to 
install etch).

The primary outstanding issue I have is with audio. I have been unable to get 
that to work. alsaconf detects the device, but is unable to propery configure 
it. I'm not sure if this is a 64-bit issue or a general alsa issue with this 
particular device.

Does anyone have sound working with one of these machines?

Brian Knotts
bknotts at cascadeaccess.com

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