Linux on Dell Dimension E520

Sander Huijsen sander at
Sun Jan 7 02:52:39 CST 2007


I have an update. I fixed my problem by doing this:

I physically swapped the Windows and Linux drives: the Windows drive goes
to SATA4 and the Linux drive goes to SATA1. Then I install Fedore Core 6
and put the GRUB bootloader on the first sector of /dev/sda (Linux drive
on SATA1).

In grub.conf, I put the following in order to boot to Windows:

title Windows XP MCE
        map (hd0,0) (hd1,1)
        map (hd1,1) (hd0,0)
        rootnoverify (hd1,1)
        chainloader +1

This will make sure that the Windows disk is actually seen as C: in
Windows. My dual-boot system is now working just fine with a single
exception: if I choose 'shutdown' in Linux, it doesn't actually power off.
It makes a remark about the acpi_poweroff function, but that's it. I have
to switch it off manually. Does anyone know how to solve this?


> Hi All,
> I've very recently purchased a Dell Dimension E520 (Intel Core Duo 2
> 2x1,86GHZ, 1024MB, 250GB WD SATA). I've also installed a second SATA drive
> (WD, 250GB) on which I've installed Fedora Core 6 (i386). Installation
> went fine, but for some reason I don't see the GRUB bootloader. In stead,
> it justs boots the pre-installed Windows XP MCE from the first SATA drive.
> What should I do to get GRUB installed on the first harddrive in order to
> get the GRUB bootloader so I can boot both MCE and Linux?
> Thanks in advance,
> Sander
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