E521 bios

devnull at adc.idt.com devnull at adc.idt.com
Thu Jan 4 13:24:51 CST 2007

The program helped flash the BIOS. However, I no longer get power to any 
of my usb devices. I am unable to hook up my kb and mouse. I have a 
2407FPW with usb ports on it and those usb ports dont work either.

Any suggestions..

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> You can use a small utility I wrote called "biosdisk" (http://linux.dell.com/projects.shtml#biosdisk) to ease the creation of the DOS flash disk , or to flash the BIOS using GRUB
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>> devnull at adc.idt.com wrote:
>>> Do you mind sharing how you upgraded your bios.
>> I dual boot FC6 and Windows XP. I upgraded while in Windows using the
>> bios update "exe" file from the Dell support site.
> Any suggestions if I dont have a usb drive or windows. I am thinking of
> using a boot cd from bootdisk.com
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