E521 bios

Robin linux at shieldfield.plus.com
Thu Jan 4 10:52:13 CST 2007

devnull at adc.idt.com wrote:
>> devnull at adc.idt.com wrote:
>>> Do you mind sharing how you upgraded your bios.
>> I dual boot FC6 and Windows XP. I upgraded while in Windows using the
>> bios update "exe" file from the Dell support site.
> Any suggestions if I dont have a usb drive or windows. I am thinking of 
> using a boot cd from bootdisk.com

Anything that will provide you with a DOS environment should work as 
long as the update file can be accessed from it. This shows up the 
stupidity of providing PCs without a floppy drive as standard (the Dell 
site actually suggests using the floppy drive!) and, instead, providing 
useless card readers. You may find it worthwhile to take the card reader 
out and put a floppy drive in its place.


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