RHEL4U4 on the Dell XPS 210?

Robert_Hentosh at Dell.com Robert_Hentosh at Dell.com
Thu Jan 4 10:25:00 CST 2007

Getting my information from
http://training.us.dell.com/training/new_products/Dimension/monza/ and
not from actual testing.

I don't think I have seen that SATA controller (ICH8DH) tested before at
Dell. But it seems that others outside of Dell are reporting success on
2.6.18 kernels or better, so it is unlikely to work on RHEL4. Intel has
posted GXA 3000 drivers (integrated video on 210) but they don't appear
available in RHEL4U4. I can't find what DVD drive it is using.

-- Robert

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Hello everyone,

Does anyone know if RHEL4U4 will install on the Dell XPS 210 (a
9200c system). Are there any gotchas? Will the SATA HD's and DVD will be

recognized for installation?



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