Optiplex 320 BIOS update

John_Hull at Dell.com John_Hull at Dell.com
Mon Feb 19 11:37:16 CST 2007

I just talked to the BIOS team. The listing of that text file as a Linux executable was a mistake. They don't plan on releasing a Linux BIOS executable on the 320. 

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I noticed that Dell released a new version of the BIOS for the
Optiplex 320 yesterday.  Does anybody know if the version 1.1.4 fixes
the problem with GRUB?  Unfortunately, the release notes only describe
the changes since the unreleased version 1.1.2 and not all the changes
since the previous released version 1.0.9.

Also, the download page mentions an updater binary than can be used
from Linux.  But the only file available for download is the
O320-010104.TXT readme file.  The Windows file is not usable from

 - Ian


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