Dell Dimension e521

Matt Wette matt.wette at
Tue Dec 19 13:38:17 CST 2006

FábioMendonça Albuquerque Cunha wrote:
 > I am trying to install some Linux distro, but I have a big problem
 > !!!!  My mouse freezes before a few minutes of computer use
 > ... There is no entry in my logs files, and I have tried with Debian
 > 3.1, Suse 10.1 and Fedora Core 5 ... Any suggestion ???

This is a widely-known problem.  Here are some references:

I have been running FC6 on my C521.  If I give no arguments to the
boot I get no hanging problems, but I only get 1 core running (AMD
X2 3800+).  Try booting with "maxcpus=1" or "noapic nolapic".

The current workaround is to find an externally powered USB device.
I tried a PCI card but I don't get keyboard during bootup.  Others
have used externally powered USB hubs with success.


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