Dell Dimension e521

Robin linux at
Tue Dec 19 10:22:10 CST 2006

FábioMendonça Albuquerque Cunha wrote:
> Hello guys,
> It's my first post here !!!!
> I am trying to install some Linux distro, but I have a big problem !!!!
> My mouse freezes before a few minutes of computer use ... There is no entry in my logs files, and I have tried with Debian 3.1, Suse 10.1 and Fedora Core 5 ... Any suggestion ???

My first post too. I have had exactly the same problem and, so far, 
there is no answer. I have worked round it by adding a USB PCI card and, 
after the mouse freezes, plugging it into the PCI card. This appears to 
work. It's not possible to leave it plugged into the PCI card as I dual 
boot and the card isn't initialised in time to select my OS.
This has worked with, Mandriva Free 64 2007, TA Pioneer Free i686 
(almost pure Kubuntu), Sabayon Linux X86 64 3.2, and Open Suse 10.2 x86 
64. However, the only ones that have working sound are the Mandriva and 
the TA Pioneer so I'm about to install a PCI sound card too. I cannot 
recommend the E521 for Linux :(

Best of luck.


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