Optiplex 745: Fedora Core 6 i686 install and problems.

Velenik Yvan Yvan.Velenik at math.unige.ch
Fri Dec 15 05:03:49 CST 2006


I have tried Mandriva 2007, kubuntu, and Suse 10.2 on an Optiplex 745 
(and kept Mandriva in the end). I never suffered the boot problem you 
describe, so this might be a FC6 issue ; did you try another 
distribution just to check ?
However, the ATI card does not work on any of these distributions 
(although the systems reports that the card was correctly initialized, 
and direct rendering enabled). Such a problem seems 1) common, and 2) 
dell-specific (see my two previous postings on the list). Could you 
check what

cat /proc/mtrr

returns on your machine ?


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