Linux on Dell Dimension E520

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I've looked for the documentation on dual-booting at  They pointed me back at Red Hat's site
86-dualboot.html. "Windows Linux
DualBoot Tutorial" has screen shots.

The community how-to's can be found at, the latest of which is
dated Jan 2002.

The GRUB manual is at

Finally, the Dell-specific considerations primarily revolve around
something we commonly call "The Utility Partition."  We generally try to
preserve this, if possible.

There may be considerations in the BIOS Setup for this system.

The E520 is not my area of expertise, may I suggest the guides at


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Hi All,

I've very recently purchased a Dell Dimension E520 (Intel Core Duo 2
2x1,86GHZ, 1024MB, 250GB WD SATA). I've also installed a second SATA
drive (WD, 250GB) on which I've installed Fedora Core 6 (i386).
Installation went fine, but for some reason I don't see the GRUB
bootloader. In stead, it justs boots the pre-installed Windows XP MCE
from the first SATA drive.

What should I do to get GRUB installed on the first harddrive in order
to get the GRUB bootloader so I can boot both MCE and Linux?

Thanks in advance,

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