Latitude D820 with linux virtualization

Art Fore art.fore at
Sun Dec 10 07:34:31 CST 2006

Have been unsuccessful in getting decent winxp guest running under SuSE
Linux 10.2 or FC6. VMWare workstation, server, & player all exhibit the
the same problem, not enough memory to run some program, small ones at
that, and the network is much much to slow. The D820 has 2 GB ram of
which 1 GB is alloted to WinXP VM. When you run convert.exe or
allercalc_setup.exe, then come up with insufficient memory to run the
program. Does not make sense to me with 1 GB as stated by control panel,
system. Firefox installation works though. Also, the WinXP machine will
hang for about 5 minutes at time then come back to life. This happens
much more using two processor than using 1 prcoessor. Since the Intel
program for checking bios comes up with so many failures, I am
suspecting the bios, which I upgraded to A04 with no benefits. Are there
any suggestions on getting virtualization to work properly on the D820.

Parallels will not install on even 32-bit Linux with this machine.

VirtualIron does not support Windows, so there is not much use trying

Xen works, but lacks the video driver to get any decent resolution


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