Linux on Inspiron 1501 issue

H. Lusic hlusic at
Thu Dec 7 11:32:52 CST 2006


I 've tryed to solve this problem first on forums, then through bugzilla
bu reports, but the people on the forum don't have enough expertize and
people in the distro  bugzilla are unwilling to help out.

I can't get linux to recognize my hard drive supplied witha brand new Dell
Inspiron 1501 AMD 64 laptop.

This seems to be a general problem with all distros (Gentoo, Debian,
Ubuntu, Fedora, MAndriva...) I tried many distros...I always got the same

Bottom line is, you can install the distro on the laptop by adding
"acpi=force irqpoll" to the boot, but during start up or shutdown the
computer gives a load of errors of the type:"unexpected IRQ trap at vector
b8 " or "b0" for that matter. It goes into a loop and eventually freezes.

Here are a few threads on the topic:

there are also a few threads going on at Dell Community forum under Hard
Drives, but no real solution yet. The "irqpoll" solution is not a good
one, since it doesn't fix the problem, it rather just ignores it, and your
laptop then still freezes.

This seems to be a BIOS or a kernel problem.


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