Linux +D820 +vmware server

Art Fore art.fore at
Fri Dec 1 17:24:56 CST 2006

Running Suse 10.2 and vmware workstation or vmware server or vmware
player, I have WinXP instaled in a virtual machine. After maybe 10 to 15
minutes, it appears the entire machine is locked up. Leave it for about
10 minutes, it will come back to life. During that time, the keyboard or
mouse are not working, the disk lite blinks once in a while as well as
the lite next to the blue tooth lite (Don't know what it is since Dell
did not fell it necessary to describe it in the manual).

>From what I have read on the internet, this has to do with the processor
cstate, what ever that is. It happens in any of the above vmware
packages and makes no difference if the virtual machine is running 2
processor to 2. Machine is Core 2 Duo T7600 w/ 2 GB ram.

Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

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