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I saw some problems, but it may have been due to the KVM+PS2 dongle I was using on it.  There were reported problems with Windows+USB, so most likely this is a hardware issue.

--jordan hargrave
Dell Enterprise Linux Engineering

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Does SLES solve the USB port issues?

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Using the kernel command line option 'acpi=noirq' works for installing FC/RHEL on the E521.  SLES10 appears to work properly out of the box.  I have not yet tested other releases on the E521.

  --jordan hargrave
  Dell Enterprise Linux Engineering


We are now using 2.6.19-rc5-mm2 and that *seems* to be working, no sound 

> devnull at wrote:
>> We bought an E521 and have similar issues.
> I got my E521 yesterday and can confirm some of your issues... :-(

That's too bad. I really like the machine, too bad it doesnt work that 
Has anyone at Dell had the chance to install either FC or RHEL on this 

> FC6 ->> 2.6.18-x
>> Install will complete.
>> Broadcom 10/100 card wont work. The OS thinks its a wireless card.
>> I can boot the smp kernel. But I get lots of messages about hogging
>> interrupts.
> On my system, the Broadcom card works if I use the standard kernel (no
> XEN, FC6 x64). With XEN, it doesn't work.
I will try this again.

> Did you mention "wireless" because of
> $ ifup eth0
> Error for wireless request "Set Encode (8B2A) :
>    SET failed on device eth0 ; No such device.
> ...

> I try document other issues (sound with XEN, booting without XEN)
> here:


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