I cant install Fedora Core 2 on Dell Dimension 9200

Christian Leber christian at leber.de
Fri Dec 1 05:41:56 CST 2006

On Fri, Dec 01, 2006 at 10:43:33AM +0800, yangyoufa wrote:

>             We have a Dell Dimension 9200, but when I install FC2, it cant
>    find the SATAII cdrom and harddisk at the setup time.

FC2 is just too old to have drivers for this pretty new hardware.

>             I want to know how to install FC2 on the System and it must be
>    FC2.(FC6 is OK!)

I don't even want to know the disgusting reason why you need FC2 and I
would not suggest iusing it, because there are no security fixes for it
But when you really want to, then you have different choices:
-Just use another (old) system for FC2
-Install FC2 on another system (that may also be a virtual machine), compile
 a fresh kernel for it and copy it to the Dimension 9200
-Run your funny application, that wants FC2, in a FC2 chroot
-Install FC2 to a virtual machine (for example vmware)

Christian Leber


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