State of SMBios on the latest Dell hardware?

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Mon Mar 23 02:43:47 CDT 2015

Hi Jesper,
How are you checking the status of ox4002 token ?

What do you get when you run ./smbios-token-ctl  -i 0x4022 , if there is no output then it  means that the token is not modifiable using the CMOS method that libsmbios supports.
Only the tokens that get listed using smbios-token-ctl are allowed to be modified.

I believe for the recent generations of Dell Servers we have RACADM and WSMAN that help you do more interms of configuring BIOS settings.
As far as I know CMOS tokens are majorly used in Dell laptops as compared to Dell Servers.

RACADM is a utility that can be run remotely or on the same system.

Here is a white paper that explains on PXE configuration.

And here are some references of WSMAN that I could find.

Hope this helps.




On Thursday 19 March 2015 02:55 PM, Jesper Dahl Nyerup wrote:
> On Aug 16 2012 17:35, Jay E wrote:
>> We have been happily using libsmbios for years to control the boot order of
>> our servers.  But it seems that with the latest generation of Dell hardware
>> it stopped working.  Is smbios no longer being actively developed?  Are
>> there alternative/better ways to change bios settings?
> I don't see any feedback given on this issue. Am I missing something?
> I face the same issue on a batch of R630 servers we received recently.
> This is especially annoying, as these servers mistakenly were delivered
> by Dell with token 0x4022 activated, and the only remedy suggested by
> Dell Support has been a factory reset of the servers. This requires
> engineers on-site, which is a hassle when you're on a different
> continent.
> I'd greatly appreciate to hear from anyone, if a solution has been
> found.
> Thanks,

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