State of SMBios on the latest Dell hardware?

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Sorry for missing your earlier email. I am currently the maintainer of libsmbios. I would certainly like to help you on this. I am on road for couple of days. Will get back to you on this query by early next week.


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On Aug 16 2012 17:35, Jay E wrote:
> We have been happily using libsmbios for years to control the boot order of
> our servers.  But it seems that with the latest generation of Dell hardware
> it stopped working.  Is smbios no longer being actively developed?  Are
> there alternative/better ways to change bios settings?

I don't see any feedback given on this issue. Am I missing something?

I face the same issue on a batch of R630 servers we received recently.
This is especially annoying, as these servers mistakenly were delivered
by Dell with token 0x4022 activated, and the only remedy suggested by
Dell Support has been a factory reset of the servers. This requires
engineers on-site, which is a hassle when you're on a different

I'd greatly appreciate to hear from anyone, if a solution has been

Jesper Dahl Nyerup
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