announce: libsmbios 0.9.1 Michael_E_Brown at
Thu Jul 28 10:58:31 CDT 2005

	I have posted libsmbios version 0.9.1 on the website

Changes in this version:
	Update documentation
		-- add link to compile instructions from download page
		-- add xerces workaround information to compile page
		-- update version info for cppunit and xerces
	Compile fix for cppunit 1.10.2
	Add new platform unit test for Unisys 3120L
	Disable precompiled headers in VC6 build (prevents build failure
on SMB shares)
	Include libraries/smbiosxml/StdSmbiosXml.h in the tarball 
		-- Helps windows compile out of the box

	There were no ABI or API changes in this version. 
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