Firmware Update PERC_5_i_Integrated on a 2950

pj pj at
Tue Jun 24 10:31:21 CDT 2008

I'm having the same issue noted at:

Basically, the controller firmware update is not seen. When I run 
"update_firmware -v", I get the error of "Not a Inventory Collector.":

Checking Plugin (dellbios_extract)
         Plugin raised DisablePlugin exception. skipping.

Running system inventory...
Not a Inventory Collector.
Not a Inventory Collector.
Not a Inventory Collector.

Searching storage directory for available BIOS updates...
Checking System BIOS for PowerEdge 2950 - 2.2.6
         Available: system_bios(ven_0x1028_dev_0x01b2) - 2.2.6
         Did not find a newer package to install that meets all 
installation checks.

This system does not appear to have any updates available.
No action necessary.

Any ideas?

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