how to downgrade to older BIOS

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> dear all,
> as suggested in
> I wish I could step back and downgrade my GX620 from BIOS A11 to A10
> or A09.... how am I meant to do it ?
> I tried installing system_bios_OptiPlex_GX620_0x0126.noarch via yum:
> $ yum list 'system_bios*OptiPlex*GX620*'
> ....
> Installed Packages
> system_bios_OptiPlex_GX620_0x0126.noarch a09-18.1
> installed
> system_bios_OptiPlex_GX620_0x01AD.noarch a11-18.1
> installed
> is it correct? why does not BIOS A10  show up in the list ?

It might be that A10 has never been added to the repository.

> then, how do I force update_firmware to install whatever BIOS I choose
> ?

I would suggest you do the downgrade manually like this:

1. Run the "getSystemID" command to get the "System ID" value of your system.
2. Go to:
3. Find the "folder" with a name that contains both your System ID and the BIOS version you want to install.
4. Download the "bios.hdr" file in that folder.
5. Now run the following command to downgrade your BIOS.

dellBiosUpdate --override_bios_version --hdr <path-to-"bios.hdr"-file-you-downloaded>

6. Perform a warm reboot.

Harald Jensås

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