mkdeb bug - executable permissions removed

Ian Abbott abbotti at
Wed Oct 12 05:00:15 CDT 2011

I'm not sure if this is a bug or a (mis)feature, but it's bugging me!

My dkms.conf has this MAKE[0] line:

MAKE[0]="./configure --with-kerneldir=${kernel_source_dir} && make -C

i.e. it runs a configure script before running make.

The problem is, if I make a .deb package of the sources with

  dkms mkdeb --source-only -m $mymodule -v $myversion

then none of the files in the .deb are executable - they all have
permissions bits 0644.  Therefore my MAKE[0] line doesn't work.

I think this bug also renders POST_ADD, POST_BUILD, etc. scripts
impotent, so I couldn't work around the problem by adding a POST_ADD
script to set the executable permission bits on my other scripts.

The offending line that causes the problem is in
template-dkms-mkdeb/Makefile :

        chmod 644 -R "$(SRC)/$(NAME)-$(VERSION)"

The dkms mkrpm doesn't suffer from the same problem; it leaves the
permission bits intact!

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