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I am manually installing the virtualbox PUEL drivers as dkms modules.
Manually in the sense of extracting the virtualbox kernel driver source
code from the guest additions iso in a guest machine.


On Fedora the kernel modules directory (/lib/modules/) does not have the
kernel sources or a link to the kernels sources. `Dkms build` reports
that it cannot find the kernel sources at /lib/modules/<kernel version>/
build or /lib/modules/<kernel version>/ source and that I could use
-kernelsourcedir option.


I chose to create a symlink in the /lib/modules directory pointing to
the kernel source. If I create a symlink of /lib/modules/<kernel
version>/ build pointing to the sources I can get the modules to build.
If I create a symlink of /lib/modules/<kernel version>/ source the build
fails reporting that dkms can't find the sources.


I guess this might be a bug? A possible solution might be to fix the
error to not say that dkms is looking for the sources at
/lib/modules/<kernel version>/ source as it does not seem to actually
look here.




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