dkms vs later kernels

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Thu Oct 21 12:19:12 CDT 2010

On Thursday, October 21, 2010 01:00:29 pm Florian Hubold did opine:

>   Am 20.10.2010 19:58, schrieb gene heskett:
> > So, whats next here?
> Don't want to be rude, but maybe you should try to solve this
> issue with the help of your preferred pclos user community,
> as this is not even remotely a dkms issue.
> Regards
> Florian Hubold
Since it seems to be pretty vaporous (community support) and as that avenue 
has been explored previously, I thought I would go to the source and ask.

Why do you say this is not even remotely a dkms issue?  That answer could 
be very enlightening to me, the missing clue so to speak.

What I am seeing here if I strace the dkms_autoinstaller, is 10 to 30 
second waits at the waitpid( lines, several of them like the child is never 
being launched.  But the strace output doesn't contain the name, pathto or 
sub-script being launched in a form recognizable to me prior to that 
waitpid( call.  Hence the puzzlement.  If I am missing a support function 
in the current kernel, it would be very enlightening if it was reported as 
I am quite capable of building these kernels, 2.6.36 3 times so far this 
morning because a make oldconfig from the .config threw away a 
goodly bit of the stuff for my hardware and enabled other stuff it had no 
business doing. Like switching my audio from emu10k1 to intel_hd on a video 
card that no longer exists in the system and which hasn't been built here 
for months.  Not that this is the first time a make oldconfig has screwed me, 
but I should be used to it by now after 12+ years of linux.

Thank you Florian Hubold.

Cheers, Gene
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