module upgrade fails after kernel upgrade

Paniraja_KM at Paniraja_KM at
Fri Aug 28 03:36:42 CDT 2009


Whenever there is update to any module compiled using DKMS, these
modules go into extras directory. After the kernel upgrade, a soft link
is created for all the modules in extras directory of old kernel to
weak-updates in the new kernel. Later depmod is reading depmod.conf.dist
which searches for weak-updates after updates, extra and built-in and
hence the built-in module for new kernel is considered.

But the issue here is, if the version of updated kernel module compiled
for old kernel(what is in extras directory) is greater that what is
there in new kernel, then depmod should use this as the kernel module
rather than what is built-in.

This issue can happen even if yum update is done to an errata kernel as

My question is, 
1. Should this be fixed in module-init-tools?
2. Or DKMS should add an entry in depmod.d to override the search for
this particular module?


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