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Thomas_Chenault at Thomas_Chenault at
Mon Aug 24 11:32:40 CDT 2009

Yes, Fedora 11 defines _datarootdir as:

    %_datarootdir      %{_prefix}/share

Fedora 11 also defines _datadir as:

    %_datadir          %{_datarootdir}

As far as I can tell, RHEL5 and SLES11 do not define _datarootdir, but
they do both define _datadir: 

    %_datadir          %{_prefix}/share

Adding the following to the top of template-dkms-mkrpm.spec might be an
adequate solution.

    %{?!_datarootdir: %define _datarootdir %{_datadir}}


Mario Limonciello wrote:
> Hi Thomas:
> I was able to do this on F11 without troubles.  Is this not support on
> legacy RPM implementations?  Can someone with more of an understanding
> than myself of the RPM world help here?
> Thanks,
> Chenault, Thomas wrote:
> > It appears to me that 'dkms mkrpm' is failing on RHEL5.3. The
problem is
> > that the _datarootdir macro which is used in
template-dkms-mkrpm.spec is
> > not defined. 
> >
> >
> > Thomas
> >
> >

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