DKMS won't autobuild on SLES9?

Hildebrand, Nils, 232 Nils.Hildebrand at
Mon Aug 17 10:13:58 CDT 2009


I've got a little problem with dkms on a SLES9-system.

It seems that dkms won't build new kernel-modules at startup.

I do not quite understand why it does not do so.

My system:
Dell PowerEdge 1950
SLES 9 SP4 x86_64, latest patches installed
dkms 2.0.19-1 installed

gcc and kernel-sources installed.

A manual dkms build an install works without problems.

I have openipmi (36.8.SLES9) and megaraid_sas (v00.00.03.21) under

during boot I get "AUTOINSTALL not set" - do I really have to modify the
dkms.conf of both packages to include a line
to make it work?

Why is the line not there per default?

Last question: How do I manually trigger a rebuild of the initrd after a
succcessful manual build/install of the megaraid-driver?

Kind regards


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